Hi. My name is Luke, and I'm incapable of taking a professional headshot of myself.

Luke received a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Brigham Young University and has been taking pictures professionally since 2008.  Along the way, he worked as a photojournalist, captured hundreds of family sessions, and helped build other successful photography ventures.

Luke loves being a photographer because it allows him to do what he love and gives him some flexibility to spend time with his wife and two girls (who are growing up way too fast!!!)

When Luke doesn’t have a camera up to his face, he can be found at the area’s closest Cafe Rio, or at home showing his daughters his favorite movies from when he was growing up (i.e. Princess Bride or The Goonies).

Luke grew up doing a little dancing as well.  Proof from 1998 can be found below.


If you're not frightened away at this point, contact me and let's take some pictures!