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June - Powder

The Details

Powder Photo Mini Session

$ 35
  • Two poses with powder flying everywhere
  • Edited Images in Online Gallery
  • Full Copyright

A great central location: 5556 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, UT 84123

In a central location, this shoot will happen in the Utah Lil’ Kickers facility

Great for Dance, Cheer and Gymnasts of

Thanks for being a part of our February Photo Blast!
You may have some questions...

Your session window will be in an hour time frame.  You will be there with other dancers in your time frame and we will take the photos first come first served.  The actual picture taking time will take anywhere from 1-4 minutes.  (we are pretty fast!)

We have tried multiple types of powder and have found that flour works best. It’s heavy and fluffy!  We realize this may not work for everyone because of allergies, and we apologize for this.

Yes you can!  We have a lot of people that do this.  You can buy as many as you’d like!  Each $35 package will give you two poses.  You can choose the “Quantity” button on the top right of the scheduling page to purchase more than one package at a time.

We want picture day to be as simple as possible.  Because of this, we ask that you pay in advance when you book your time online.  You can pay at the time you schedule.  Click the blue “Schedule” button above.

You will get dirty at this photoshoot!  However, you can wear whatever you’d like!  Any color our outfit would work for this session, but black is very simple and works great!

Yep.  We really feel like EVERYONE deserves a great photo.  Low price, high quality is our goal.  Also, we are going to be doing more of these themed dance mini sessions in the future and want you to come back! 

OF COURSE!  If you’d like a picture of your kids throwing powder that would be fun!

At this shoot there is!  Your mom doesn’t need to stay outside in the car.

It depends on the prop.  If it’s something you can hold in your hands, yes!  Because of the location for this shoot, we would not be able to accommodate large props.  Like a car.

Maybe.  A lot of our photo blasts in the future will be held in different locations.

Within two weeks!  Usually it’s faster, but you know, under promise, over deliver…

Your photos will be emailed to the address you provide when you book your time.

Unfortunately silks, hoops and other equipment will not be available for this shoot.

Up to three.  A lot of people like to use one of their poses as a friend picture or a sibling photo.  Because of the size of backdrop we will be using, we wont be able to fit more than three.

Whatever you’d like!  Literally, any pose you can think of.  We will actually have a pose “cheat sheet” for you to reference!

Yes!!  We have plans for different themed shoots in the near future.  It’ll be awesome.  Stay tuned.

You just do two poses.  You’ll want to have two or three poses in mind when it’s your turn and we will get them done efficiently!  Sometimes a pose you have in mind doesn’t work very well with powder or the lighting, and therefore we will suggest you try a different one.  If you are wanting more than two poses we recommend purchasing multiple sessions so you can get more poses. 

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